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  • Full moon on a cloudy night, Peyton, Colorado, September 2012
  • Classic red Buick on display at the "HotRod Hoedown" at Southside Johnny's in Colorado Springs, August 2012
  • Jennifer's Wedding, Caldwell ID, June 2012
  • Peyton sunrise through the wildfire haze
  • Hummingbird feeding at Starsmore Nature Center, Colorado Springs

Eddie's Photography

A website to display some of my photos.


Thank you, and welcome to my photo website. I am a hobbyist who likes to get out once and a while and take some pictures. Colorado has offered many opportunites and great subjects, but now I'm exploring Alabama. I like my Pentax (K1-II), and I use a variety of lenses, again mostly Pentax. I use Lightroom and Photoshop on my Mac for post-processing, however I try to take the best photo I can with the camera and keep the digital editing to a minimum (cropping notwithstanding). Please enjoy browsing my work.

Butterflies at the Botanical Gardens - June 2019

Butterflies at the PavilionThe Huntsville Botanical Gardens has this great butterfly pavilion, complete with a stream, turtles, and small creatures to help take care of the bad bugs. In the early Summer, they release butterflies into the Pavilion. It's a great time to take photographs. There are many different varieties, and they are quite friendly. While snapping photos, I had butterflies landing on me and my camera. Most of these photos were taken using my Pentax D FA 100mm F2.8 Macro prime lens and my Pentax K1 II body. Here's the Butterfly gallery.