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  • Jennifer's Wedding, Caldwell ID, June 2012
  • Classic red Buick on display at the "HotRod Hoedown" at Southside Johnny's in Colorado Springs, August 2012
  • Full moon on a cloudy night, Peyton, Colorado, September 2012
  • Hummingbird feeding at Starsmore Nature Center, Colorado Springs
  • Peyton sunrise through the wildfire haze

Eddie's Photography

A website to display some of my photos.

Chasing Hawks in Black Forest (Nov 2012)

19 Nov 2012. I was out looking for things to take pictures of with my 150-500mm Sigma zoom, when I happened upon this hawk on Black Forest Road near Hodgen Road in El Paso county, northwest of where I live. He was sitting atop a grain silo just keeping an eye on the fields. He was pretty accomodating and stayed close enough for me to take about fifty shots (then I think he just got bored with me). Had the photographer been more skilled, more would have come out better, but I do like the ones I've posted here.

On a side note, chasing birds (hawks, in particular) seems to be a bad habit I've picked up from Norman Hayward, a friend and accomplished photographer who takes some great nature photos. I'd like to blame Norman for this, but the truth is, he's taught me a lot about the techincal part of taking pictures, and my efforts have improved because of his help (not to mention, I would have never been able to get a picture of a hummingbird).